Honda Civic EK9 [kanjo edition] [replace] for GTA 5

November 3, 2016
4:19 pm
 1791  4

Authors: Turn 10 Studios (Forza Motorsport 4), erfet

The mod with Honda Civic EK9 [kanjo edition] for GTA 5 adds a compact car to replace the Dinka Blista Compact. On the car suffered a small vinyl, on the front and rear glass - inscriptions. You can always stop in Los Santos Customs, because there tuning, which can be installed on it. You can always repaint the car and wheels to your taste. The model is as it should be - a high-quality appearance and interior, detailed 3D-engine. A character is sitting correctly on the driver's seat, his hands grasping the steering wheel, and one more passenger can be in the vehicle.

To add a Honda Civic EK9 [kanjo edition] in GTA 5, download via the link auto-installer and run.

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